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The Mission of Surge Recovery

The Mission of Surge Recovery is to provide a safe residential place for men in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions while providing onsite and off site services that help individuals repair and heal their relationship with themselves and transitions them to a path of recovery, reconciliation with family and a stable life once leaving the facility.

Why we are Different

About Us

Surge Recovery is a safe place for individuals in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions. Our residence provides desirable living accommodations that help individuals repair and heal their relationship with themselves. In cooperation with this, we have hands on managers who have experienced addiction and resources Our comprehensive approach to tackling recovery includes providing dormitory-style housing, paid work (for residents who transition to working on site), vocational training, adult basic education, social support services, and life-long graduate services. Our facility houses 70 residents. 

To successfully leave the facility, residents must meet three criteria ...

Step In

Commitment to live and remain at Surge for 90 days and adhere to the program guidelines.

Step Up

Take on a participation role at the facility: Which can include leading a group, delivering meals, preparing food for the house, or managing the laundry facility.


Graduate from outpatient treatment program, having started a sustainable income plan and secure housing.

Program Eligibility: Surge accepts males, over the age of 18, who currently have drug and alcohol issues and meet the Surge Program requirements.

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Vocational Training

Throughout the week, Surge Recovery residents may participate in vocational training classes, where they are taught basic organizational and job skills. They receive instruction in cooking, assembly, and construction.

Residents at the Surge Recovery House have the opportunity to gain real world work experience, through the Surge Recovery Program.



A significant number of our residents have not completed high school and are unprepared to take the GED test. Temple University Center for Social Policy & Community Development provides ABE, GED, College Prep, and Financial Literacy. Curriculum is developed according to College and Career Readiness Standards for adults and GED High impact Indicators for GED Completion success.

The program meets 2 days per week/ 3 hours per day to facilitate learning for students with multiple barriers to success. Once the facility is able to purchase computers, an online component will be available to residents with basic computer skills. Temple Program Director provides counseling to assist with workforce integration and preparation as well as facilitate lower level learners. The site currently has two computers which can be used for Job search, email and GED as needed.

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Health and Wellness

Our suite of innovative health and wellness programs address the full continuum of emotional and physical issues of a resident to improve wellness. This holistic approach ensures each resident has the tools and resources necessary to achieve their personal health and wellness goals.


Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (also known as IOP for “Intensive Outpatient Program”) is a primary treatment program recommended in some circumstances by a clinical and medical assessment. IOP may be recommended for those who do not need medically-supervised detox. IOP can also enable residents in recovery to continue their recovery therapies following successful detox, on a part-time yet intensive schedule, designed to accommodate work and family life.

Surge Recovery has 25 years experience in the recovery community


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